child pressing a green toothbrush timer shaped like a turtle
reflection of girl reaching to press the green rubber button on toothbrushing timer a turtle with flippers lit up.
green two minute toothbrushing turtle time standing, smiling
adorable brother and young sister brushing teeth with two minute Turtle Timer
Girl brushing teeth watching her green turtle-shaped toothbrush timer stuck to bathroom mirror.  Lit-up color flippers
Back of Two Minute Turtle Timer Battery-Pack  Closed and Opened  with 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Two Minute Turtle Toothbrush Timer in its clam shell package
African amerian girl in pink Minnie Mouse pajamas brushing her teeth at the bathroom sink with the help of an original toothbrush timer.
Reflection of child pressing green rubber button on turtle-shaped toothbrush timer stuck on bathroom mirror with white wood frame
standing side view of green two minute turtle timer with the velcro on the back
reflection of child pressing green rubber button, light-up turtle teeth timer on bathroom mirror
boy toothbrushing smiles and green two minute turtle timer smiles
child brushing teeth looking at green turtle timer in mirror
infographic when to use the two minute turtle timer throughout the day from morning brushing teeth, pacing yourself, stretching, taking a break, playing games, to brushing teeth again
Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing
African-American girl from Cook Children's Oral Health Coalition brushing teeth watching her two minute turtle timer on bathroom counter
Infographic of benefits of Turtle Timer for toothbrushing. child presses green two minute turtle timer
two minute turtle timer in circle with each corner a different color: green, yellow, red, orange
Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing
Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing
Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing
Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing

Two Minute Turtle Timer™ for Toothbrushing

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2020 WINNER National Parenting Product Award

An adorable visual guide to keep kids focused while brushing. 

Transform toothbrushing into something kids WANT to do, a toothbrush timer that feels like a game and helps kids focus. The adorable Toothbrushing Turtle Timer feet blink in 30 second intervals. Each foot represents a corner of the mouth so the child brushes teeth for the full 2 minutes, willingly!  While resting on a sink or attached to a mirror, children like to press the turtle timer's soft rubber shell. That simple on/off button starts the Turtle feet count down with each turtle foot. After the child has brushed their whole mouth the Turtle Timer flashes all its feet--a Victory Lap signaling brush the tongue.

Don't be surprised if kids want to brush more often.  Kids love their friendly companion and parents say it's so effective it's like magic!

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Why is the Turtle Timer the Most Effective Kids Toothbrush Timer?

  • Kids  brush their teeth while playing a game--kids are motivated and focused.
  • Kids WANT to brush teeth! They get to press the green, rubber turtle shell and guess which foot will blink next. 
  • Kids feel the MOMENTUM.  Kids follow, brushing the corner matching the flashing foot. Each foot blinks a little faster than the one before it until...
  • Kids CELEBRATE the end with the Turtle when all the turtle feet flash at once. 
  • Kids SUCCEED and take ownership because it's their turtle and their toothbrushing. No more nagging! 


More Two Minute Turtle Timer benefits:

  • HEALTHY HABITS: for hand washing, taking turns, playing games. 
  • TIME MANAGEMENT TIMER: Helps avoid procrastination. Great for special needs or people with autism, ADHD.
  • SILENT AND SIMPLE: Kids press the on/off button for the 2-minute flashing flippers countdown.  No settings to manage or plug-ins.
  • LONG LASTING: Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included).
  • PORTABLE: Packs easily.  5 inches by 5 inches, 2 inches thick. 3 oz. Fits in a child's hand.

We love our Turtle Timer

"It has not only simplified teeth brushing & ended battles about time & technique, but it has also helped our 5 year old gain bedtime routine independence and responsibility (he now wants to do it for himself). Huge wins for a spirited child! Thank you, for a functional, durable product!!” -Deanna

Maker's Story

When our 4 year old went to the dentist, she had 7 cavities. Yikes! We needed help! We created the Turtle for us. She's been using it for years and at 18 now she still uses her turtle timer every day! cavities! 


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